Piero Di Muro

NFT Artist

Art Designer


Introducing myself

Hello, I am Piero Di Muro. Since I was a child I have been related to the world of art. When I was 8 years old, my mother enrolled me in art classes, in which I learned many interesting techniques and enhanced my creativity.

I had the opportunity to create different projects, sketches and paintings of all styles. Over the years, I was improving and acquiring new skills. My teacher instilled and taught me the fundamental concepts to paint my works of art.

First works of art

I keep a folder with all the works that I designed when I was a child, highlighting a still life that was framed and put at home. Honestly, it is a work that I am very proud of, since I was only 10 years old when I painted it and it turned out quite well.

Years later, when I was at the University, my art teacher commissioned us a project in which he asked us to design and paint whatever we wanted. My choice was one of the most important athletes in history, Michael Jordan. I got the maximum score, a 10. A top result. 


As an adult I have worked as a web designer for many years. I have designed a wide variety of websites for many clients of several industries. I have contributed to create unique experiences for people, with spaces full of life and purpose.

In addition, I also have some programming skills, which help me with certain designs. Honestly, I like more the aesthetic part related to the design and the visual. But once in a while, I’m not afraid to get into the code. It is interesting to learn new concepts.

“The Jordan” NFT

One of the artworks to which I have the most admiration and affection is called “The Jordan”. This work of art is based on the Michael Jordan Statue, which is located in the United Center in Chicago.

This work is painted in a gray scale, using tempera and brushes for its development. It required significant work and dedication over a long period of time. I was 1 year working wit it. For me, it is a symbol of greatness. The goal is to be the most valuable sports NFT ever. It has its own website, here you can visit and get more details.

Passions and Art Style

I really love sports, basketball, football, tennis, etc… One of my favorite art styles is abstract, I love everything that is linked to shapes, lines, colors, figures, etc … I create designs manually in 3D and 2D, using the most popular digital tools of the moment.

In my beginnings, my works of art were focused on realism, using painting techniques such as pastel, India ink, watercolors, tempera, etc … This allowed me to use different painting techniques, broadening my horizons and rising the level of my projects.

NFT and Blockchain

Blockchain technology and smart contracts have revolutionized digital art. This has allowed artists to offer a certificate of authenticity to their works and avoid counterfeiting. NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) make future transactions possible safely.

Thanks to them, I can put my works of art on sale. This is a new paradigm change, which will grow over the years. We must adapt to it and incorporate this new element into our lives. It will bring many benefits to everyone. There is no doubt about it.

Future Projects

In the coming months, I would like to create more incredible works of art that stand out above the rest. For me it is very important to focus on quality, instead of quantity. It is much better to offer a wonderful product than many of dubious quality.

All this oriented to the preferences and tastes of my collectors, painting for them. I create art with its own and different personality. I will be launching more artworks very soon, related to abstract art. So, stay tuned and follow me in social media.

Objectives, Mission and Values

The main goal I have with my art is to create exclusivity and emotions for my collectors and share my way of understanding art. My works are intended for all those collectors who share my same vision and know how to extract the essence of them.

In addition, I consider myself a person committed to charity. My intention is to collaborate with certain organizations that need help and contribute to the well-being of people and enviroment. I allocate a percentage of sale to them, in order to help.

Get in touch: hello@pierodimuro.com